owner and planner


Born and raised in Hawaii, Kira grew up on the gorgeous beaches of West Maui. She earned a degree in visual journalism from the University of Western Washington in Bellingham, WA. With the mountains as her backyard, Kira fell in love with skiing and everything the mountains had to offer. 


After graduating, she moved back to Maui where she found her passion for event planning. With an appetite for design, an eye for detail, and a high standard for service, it was a perfect use of her skillset. 


Kira grew her expertise as a wedding planner in Maui for several years, but eventually felt the call to return to the mountains. She relocated to the Vail Valley where she founded Events by Kira in Colorado - and hasn’t looked back since. 


Kira’s tireless efforts, enthusiasm, and work ethic results in a stunning attention to detail that will leave you breathless with the outcome. With over 200 coordinated weddings and counting, her experience and professionalism will make your wedding go over seamlessly.


Kira lives outside of Vail with her two puppies, Ember & Dakota, and her amazing fiancè Stephen.